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Lawn Care and Maintenance

We are a Full Service Landscaping Company that provides complete Landscaping Services. Along with our Landscaping Design and Makeovers, we service and maintain lawns and their surrounding landscapes. We offer Weekly, Bi Weekly Maintenance Programs for Office Buildings, Retail Stores and Residential Homes owned and managed by individuals like yourself who depend on an experienced landscaping service maintaining their landscape, keeping it neat and clean. We cut , edge and blow clean any and all mess that is present or created during our Landscaping Services.

Lawn Restoration & Repair

Are weeds currently taking control of your lawn? Does your lawn seem to look unheathy? Are there patches of vegatation growing on your lawn that is spreading and suffocating your lawn? These are irritating problems and unfortunatly not uncommon for many Long Island Properties. There are several steps that can be taken to not only prevent the continued growth of lawn weeds, and rehabiliate your current lawn.

Once we visit your property we will be able to determine the extent of the problems your lawn is dealing with and recommend a proper solution. It could require " Aerating Process" giving your lawn more room for healthy grass roots to grow along proper water drainage into your lawn. Your lawn also might require a "De Thatching Treatment" which removes dead grass and weeds. Or it could be in such a condition that we would recommend a complete Lawn Replacement which is described below.

Lawn Replacement

Lawns that are completely overrun with weeds,along patches of dead grass and has areas of bare unhealthy dried out soil that barely covers the natural sand that exists under all lawns on Long Island are typical candidates for a total Lawn Replacement. We will rip up the entire lawn and remove all roots and dead / unheathy grass and soil. We will then apply a healthy layer of topsoil and then perform a process of 'Overseeding' where we inject grass seed into the new topsoil at a proper depth allowing the seed to grow properly.

Immediate Healthy Lawn Alternative = Sod

If you find yourself in need of an immediate green healthy lawn on your property then having Sod installed is your best bet. When we install sod on your property, we first dig up your old lawn, scraping away all dead unhealthy grass. We then apply a healthy layer of topsoil, then lay down the sod. Upon completion, your properties lawn will look pristine.

Proper Lawn Irrigation

Maintaining your lawn requires a good irrigation system. Inground Sprinkler Systems are ideal because you can have all areas of your lawn watered properly without having to worry about anything. We install Inground Sprinkler Systems and we highly recommend having one installed during any lawn restoration, replacement or sod application. Having it done during your upgrade will be cost effective in the long run because we do not have to dig up your new lawn in order to lay the underground hoses to each corner of your property.


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